Dress Code for Ballet (Hair should be pulled back and neat)

Adult Women

Ballet leotard of your choice, tights, ballet shoes


Black tights, white T-shirt, white socks, white/black ballet shoes


Close fitting white shirt, black bike shorts or tights, white socks, white ballet slippers.


Hair should be pulled neatly into a bun. Drop earrings should not be worn (simple stud earrings are OK in class but not in performances). Leotards should not have straps across the back or any other distractions. Pink ballet slippers, pink tights, simple camisole leotard in class color as follows:

(Discount Dance in La Mesa has our dress code on file SDAB Acct. # TP00007)

Creative ~ Pink leotard

Beginning Ballet ~ White leotard

Ballet 1 ~ Lavender leotard

Ballet 2 ~ Lime Green leotard

Ballet 3A ~ Royal Blue leotard

Ballet 3B ~ Forest Green leotard

Ballet 4 ~ Burgundy leotard

Ballet 5 ~ Navy Blue leotard

Pre-Professional ~ Black leotard

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